Bananacoin (BCO) ICO Review

The Bananacoin project is set up using a strategic aim by the initiators into decentralize business expansion procedure and take it far off the framework of standard relationships. The key objective of this project is to ease the adoption of blockchain technologies on the commodity marketplace for its broader recognition by the crypto markets of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves and other altcoins. The job has a strategic goal — to facilitate core modifications in the global banana manufacturing business, associated with the manufacturing and delivery of bananas, leveraging blockchain technology. The project is envisioned to create processes from the production of bananas by implementing an organic element in the export connections of the goods.

Evaluation of banana Manufacturing industry

The Vietnamese province of Laos has exceptionally favorable states of banana production. Banana is the principal export good of Laos. The central and southern regions of Laos account for 83% generation of the total banana produced from the region. Commercial production of bananas in Laos began in 2005 with the opening of their first business banana plantation in Luang Namtha province. The job initiators are already engaged in farming activities in the region and have got all of the needed permits from the government agencies.

Commercial production of bananas in Laos is steadily growing with more investors putting in their money into the industry. Firms have experimented with various models like a state-private partnership, bringing in private agricultural associations and home-growing household, all of them being effective only to some degree, significantly less than the anticipated. Earning money through crowdfunding is unique and innovative for your industry in the area. It’s still rare, and that is what provides a further element of achievement to the undertaking.

Goal of the project

The job initiators have put up a goal for over 360 percent growth in the selling of goods (bananas) in the Chinese markets, to be materialized with proportionate growth in the cultivation and production area.

Saplings of top return Lady Finger bananas have been procured from the technology firms in Thailand. The use of fertilizers (sourced from Thailand) and the frequency of irrigation are decided to maintain some parameters in mind, such as the dimensions of plants and the health of the soil. The most effective shoots from the main trunk are selected to grow into the plant in next harvest cycle, while the weak ones are removed from the stock. Lady Finger variety of bananas is tremendously common in China, also sells at a higher cost in the retail stores, compared to other types of their bananas.

Key milestones of Bananacoin Project

  • Bananacoin tokens or BCOs are issued into the ICO participants.
  • The manufacturing area is raised from the current 100 hectares to 360 hectares, using the raised fund amount in accordance with the job cost allocation.
  • The worth of BCO coin increases in 18 months because of increased sales of Lady Finger bananas from the target markets.
  • Added Bananacoin Tokens will be made available for circulation in crypto currency stock markets.

Goal of the crowdfunding

The Bananacoin Token Generation Event has been held with the objective to enable the participants purchase a commodity option that produces 5.5 percent per month. Moreover, the participants will have the ability to be given a financial tool with the free flow on exchanges.

Bananas rank fifth concerning commodity consumption all over the world. Bananacoin Token or BCO is endorsed by the value of produced great, i.e. banana in this circumstance, which can be in high demand all over the world, and it has demonstrated resistance to inflationary and volatility forces.

This is why you should engage in Bananacoin ICO or TGE
Bananacoin is a participant-oriented project, which aims to revolutionize the production of bananas, a future product according to blockchain technology. The Bananacoin Tokens are backed by commodity worth of a single kilogram of bananas to be made by the project initiators. The business management believes that the blockchain technologies can be efficiently used for its production of commodity value-based monies which will serve as foundation for the actual economy sector.